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Carolyn and Will LacyThe owner and founder of LADS or Lacy & Associates Detective Services, William Lacy, served over 26 years with a major law enforcement agency.  His many years of tactical firearms experience and non-lethal defense resulted in establishing a training facility to facilitate training the everyday citizen in self protection, especially with firearms.

Mr. Lacy is quick to point out that the National Rifle Association had much to do with developing his skills.  His direction and tutelage in firearms survival tactics will certainly increase a client’s chances of surviving a violent encounter; the most dead-serious thing one can experience in their lifetime.

Carolyn Lacy is a distinguished shootist, originally trained and qualified by a major metropolitan police department.  She has over three decades of firearms experience and as a mother and teacher, she is exceptionally qualified to assist our clients, especially concerned women, in personal firearms defense.Mark Carruthers no logo

NRA instructor and Handgun Combat Master Mark Carruthers is an instructor who teaches the Modern Handgun Technique, the handgun skill set used to set the standard for military, law enforcement, and civilians all over the world. When combined with tactics, and proper training, this fighting skill set is very effective for defending oneself with a handgun whether at home or on the street.

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