LADS retail gun sales appreciates your interest.
Let us know what gun you’re interested in owning or transferring from another Federal Firearms Dealer .  We’ll do our best to beat the competition.

(661) 867-1300 or email Mark Carruthers

We are proud American Rifle specialists; that is, the AR-15 CA compliant.  Come and see us, we’ll help you build the American born rifle you’ve always dreamed of for the field or personal protection.


FFL Transfers

We handle transfer of guns purchased online.  Our fee is $40 plus a CA state fee of $25 for your background check. Total fee per firearm is $65.  Before ordering any handgun from outside of the State of California, check the following link to make sure the handgun is approved for sale in California.  Also be sure to check the date of expiration if the handgun is still on the list to make sure you have time to purchase the handgun.  Link to the CA DOJ Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale.

*Buying guns online is not necessarily a bargain when you consider that the transfer fees can be extremely high and the FFL must collect sales tax regardless of where you purchased the firearm.  If you find a gun online and before you buy, give us a call, we may be able to beat or match the price.

Private Party Transfers
Our fee is $10 plus CA state fee of $25.  Total fee per handgun or one long gun is $35.