Arizona CCW Process for Out-of-State Applicants

The State of Arizona is one of the most Second Amendment friendly places in the United States.  A permit issued by the State of Arizona is recognized by some 34 states.  Arizona is out-of-state resident friendly.  The application process is relatively simple.  First, call the Arizona Department of Public Safety at (800) 256-6280 and ask them to send you their CCW package or you can request the package via email, with the following short line in the Comments box – “Please send me an application packet for a New Permit.  Thank you.”  Include your mailing address in the Comments box as follows:

Your Name
PO Box 1234
Anytown, AZ 80808


Your Name
1234 Weapons Street
Anytown, IL 80808

The package basically contains a two page application and two fingerprint cards.  You complete the application and fingerprint cards and mail them back to the Arizona DPS with $60 and a copy of your CCW course certificate and they will send you a permit in the mail.

Note, the CCW course certificate must have the name of the out-of-state instructor and his NRA Instructor Number or the application will be rejected.

Additional information

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