Additional Application Information

Note that it costs nothing to apply for a CCW permit in Kern County.  The costs begin once you are approved.  The current cost of a new application is $166.  We suggest that you complete the application and turn it into any Sheriff’s Office to start the ball rolling.  You’ll have 90 days to complete the application process after you’ve been approved.  If you decide not to follow through you’ve spent nothing but time.

You may find, before you begin working on the application, that printing (the COMPLETE THE ENTIRE APPLICATION page) will assist you by reference as you type your information on the application.  Please note that this instruction sheet only applies to Kern County and if you are a resident of another county you must contact that Sheriff’s Office for specific instructions.

Understand that a CCW permit is issued by the State of California and is good throughout the State and recognized in several States throughout the USA.  However, the application process is handled and approved by the Sheriff’s Office.  You must satisfy that Office before California will issue.

Kern County Sheriff’s policy:

“Good cause to obtain the CCW license is viewed in part, but is not limited to, self-defense, defending the life of a third party and preventing a crime in which human life is in serious jeopardy.  The applicant does not need to fear his or her life is being threatened, but rather the potential for a life-threatening situation exists.  The following are examples of situations that could illustrate Good Cause: 

  • Business owners or employees who handle large sums of money or respond to alarms at their place of business.
  • Persons who are in reasonable fear for their safety due to a set of facts that place them in danger.
  • Spouses or family members of law enforcement officers.
  • Avid hunters or persons who camp or frequent in the backcountry.”

Page 11 is your Affidavit for Cause page, otherwise known as your “Good Cause Statement,” where you must explain in detail your reasons for wanting to arm yourself.

The following statement is from the application:

“If the CCW license is desired for self-protection, the protection of others, or for the protection of large sums of money or valuable property, you are required to explain and provide good cause for issuance of the license. For example, has your life or property been threatened or jeopardized? Explain incidents and include dates, times, locations, and names of police agencies to which these incidents were reported.

Details of Reason for Applicant Desiring a CCW license. Use additional pages if necessary.”

Other reasons to consider:

  • Any physical limitations which would limit your ability to defend yourself.
  • Limited access to emergency services
  • Limited access to communications.
  • Travel into remote areas.
  • Travel into high crime areas.

Fully explain your reasons in detail and avoid political commentary.  A CCW permit has nothing to do with the Second Amendment, so avoid referring to it in your affidavit.

Lastly, assure the Sheriff’s official that you are properly trained and competent with firearms and, most importantly, that you are fully aware of your obligations and responsibilities as an armed citizen.

If you need further assistance or information, please contact us.

A few California Counties and their CCW process: