NEW! Can’t get a California CCW permit because you live in Los Angeles or one of the many anti-Second Amendment counties in California? LADS Gun School is now offering classes for the Arizona CCW permit, which at last count was good in 35 States. If you’re a law abiding citizen, Arizona will not discriminate against you. Check the link on the right side of this page – Arizona Process for Out-of-State Applicants – for additional information. Our fee is $100. Call or email us for additional information.

Eight Hour Preliminary California CCW Training Class:

Location: Kern Veterinary Hospital – 5104 Lake Isabella Bl, Lake Isabella, CA 93240

Location: KRVGA Shooting Range – 6000 Cyrus Canyon Rd, Kernville, CA 93238

  • $120 for the initial CCW.

  • $80 for a renewal class.

Click HERE for additional details on what you will need for class.

Still have questions? Call: (661) 867-1300 or email Mark Carruthers

We’re approved trainers for the counties of Kern and Tulare, CA. If you live in another California county, get written verification that your local sheriff will accept our training. Our instruction is based on years of “real world” law enforcement work and actual “street level” combat experience.

The California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms Standard Initial and Renewal Application for License To Carry A Concealed Weapon can be completed here and printed out for submission. Your personal information cannot be saved, so make sure you print the application before closing the form or all input will be lost. You also have the option of printing the blank application and completing it by hand.